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Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead a system that introduces End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO), Independent Assessors (IA) & Training Providers/Employers whilst maintaining compliance, conflict of interest policy & impartialness through an accessible service that functions to Hire, Assess, Track & Review End Point Assessment (EPA) practices & processes for any Apprenticeship Standard.


Joining EPA Hub Benefits

Find EPA stakeholders

The Training provider & End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) will arrange a date for the apprentice to complete End Point Assessment with an Independent Assessor (IA). An Independent Assessor (IA) can either be selected from the platform or invited in from other sources.

Manage EPA remotely

Nurture EPA Assessment Platform will Assess, Track & Review every stage of End Point Assessment (EPA) with an invite activation code for Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) professionals & External Quality Assurance (EQA) professionals to again admission to the system to conduct quality checks

Access to Freelance

A bank of freelance Independent Assessors (IA) to assess apprentices End Point Assessment (EPA) processes, with a team of professionals managing quality and compliance within the system, to ensure an Independent Assessor (IA) is qualified, compliant and has up to date practice.

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations

Manage Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations by knowing about learner needs prior to EPA

Manage On-Programme Requirements

The EPAO has the option to upload the On-Programme Requirements including: Any functional skills completed & achieved, any other standalone qualifications completed & achieved, reasonable adjustments/special considerations options, showcase evidence & evidence the apprentice has reached off the job requirements.

Quality Management

That Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) & External Quality Assurance (EQA) have an assessable service that collates all of the required data into one system that is accessible from anywhere at any time

Data Protection

We take your personal data protection and security seriously. We are ICO compliant, penetration tested and have effective safeguarding measures to secure your data.

Audit Control

As the apprentice passes through End Point Assessment (EPA) quality, compliance, assessment, grading & review reports are collated together into one accessible report, that can be accessed through an encryption code, with the results showing if passed or resit planning options.

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