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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead a system that introduces End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO), Independent Assessors (IA) & Training Providers & Employers whilst maintaining compliance, conflict of interest policy & impartialness through an accessible service that functions to Hire, Assess, Track & Review End Point Assessment (EPA) practices & processes for any Apprenticeship Standard.

The Training provider & End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) and the employer will arrange a date for the apprentice to complete End Point Assessment with an Independent Assessor (IA). An Independent Assessor (IA) can either be selected from the platform or invited in from a contract already in place with the EPAO.

The date can be booked into the system and all involved will have access to the agreed date, also can be synced to your own calendar.

The evidence gained throughout the apprenticeship to pass through “Gateway” can be uploaded to show the apprentices readiness to pass through End Point Assessment (EPA). The End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) has the option to upload conflict of interest policy, standard, assessment templates & assessment tools.

As the apprentice passes through End Point Assessment (EPA) quality, compliance, assessment, grading & review reports are collated together into one accessible report, that can be accessed through an encryption code, with the results showing if passed or resit planning options.

Nurture EPA Assessment Platform will Hire, Assess, Track & Review every stage of End Point Assessment (EPA) with an invite activation code for Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) professionals & External Quality Assurance (EQA) professionals to gain admission to the system to conduct quality checks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a service that provides opportunities for professionals recording compliance trails for all involved in the End Point Assessment (EPA) process whilst safeguarding the best interest of the apprentices, using Nurture EPA Assessment Platform from cloud hosted platform operating from a highly secure data centre that functions to Hire, Assess, Track & Review End Point Assessment (EPA).

Our Promises

  • Is to display that End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO) are compliant & transparent.
  • The apprentice feels a security that their End Point Assessment (EPA) will be fair, valid and tracked with clarity & transparency of practices and processes of all involved in the End Point Assessment (EPA) process where data is accessible from anywhere at any time with data protection guaranteed, with helpful guides and signposting if a complaint is required.
  • That Training Providers & Employers have a system that is assessable, reliable, protecting the best interest of the apprentice, where data is accessible from anywhere at any time with data protection guaranteed.
  • A bank of freelance Independent Assessors (IA) to assess apprentices End Point Assessment (EPA) processes, with a team of professionals managing quality and compliance within the system, to ensure an Independent Assessor (IA) is qualified, compliant and has up to date practice.
  • A Mandatory requirement for Independent Assessors (IA) to maintain and record Continuous Professional development (CPD) within their profile.
  • A Mandatory requirement for Independent Assessors (IA) to develop a profile that demonstrates their professional profile, qualifications and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Certificate.
  • That Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) & External Quality Assurance (EQA) have an assessable service that collates all of the required data into one system that is accessible from anywhere at any time with data protection guaranteed, allowing for their individual assessment of quality & compliance.
  • Nurture will offer technological support where needed and a Support Officer will be available for information, advice and guidance from the hours of 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. This is to facilitate a customer service second to none.
  • We aim to provide a system that is sustainable, efficient and user friendly. This will be subject to regular upgrades to meet the changing demands of our customers and to ensure that we can deal with an increase in users to the system.
  • To use partnership organisations of expert value to support practices and to utilise resources to guarantee effective solutions for recruiting. Where partnership organisations are used to support our practices and processes, rigorous checks will be completed to ensure that their provision and commitment to excellent customer service is aligned with that of Nurture.
  • To utilise our partner company “Nurture Training & Development” to create or support any opportunities that are identified whilst using the “Nurture EPA Hub” whilst ensuring there are no conflict of interest.
  • To promote the services advertised actively, ethically and positively to ensure that we continue to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
  • To actively promote our star rating as a direct result of feedback from our stakeholders. This feedback will also be used to influence best practice for our business operations and to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.
  • To support End Point Assessment (EPA) by providing clear guidance via expert professionals and resources that influence an enjoyable and professional experience.

Our Ethics

  • Commitment to equality by ensuring EPAO ability to cater for reasonable adjustments and monitor assessment to ensure accessibility and fairness.
  • Our priority is compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Evidence of our commitment is our continuous registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) ZA559050.
  • We are very up to date with why and how restructuring of apprenticeships took place, we wish to be a supporting body for all professionals and organisations expected to apply the changes into their practices & processes.
  • We value any data held relating to our stakeholders and respect the GDPR regulation. With this in mind, we ensure that the system is protected with encryption of the highest standard thus ensuring that any data held is secure.
  • To contribute to the Carbon Footprint Movement in a positive and supportive way wherever possible.
  • To review our terms of service with external requirements to ensure current practice and online compliance of all users. We will endeavour to ensure that the terms of services comply with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.
  • To support our employees in their quest for continuous professional development to ensure the currency of their professional practice. A commitment to continuous professional development will furthermore improve outcomes for our stakeholders.